Nova is a unique subscription mobile app which connects laundry service providers and customers. Customers can schedule both pickup and delivery service at their convenient place and time. Also, Nova facilitates its customers to track their laundry status on a real time basis. Exclusive customer service desk makes Nova a step ahead from the existing products in the market. Well trained and professional drivers are on the job for collection and delivery purpose. Our product is available for both Android and iPhone users.


Flexible Pick-up & Delivery

Well organized pickup and drop off services at customers door step. Prior notification is intimated.

Custom Laundry Instructions

Special instructions on how to handle each item can be specified so that the best service are provided to the customer.

Driver management

A proficient tracking system is incorporated into our system. Both user and laundry service provider will be notified about driver's activity.

Detailed Metrics

Real-time status, delivery details, and transaction history can be accessed from a single dashboard.

Customer Care

A friendly and well-trained customer support team is available to handle customer complaints and feedback.

User Experience

Laundry bags are bar coded to ensure the safety and security of the customer's laundry.

How it Works


The customer can request for a laundry service by signing into Nova. Once the customer places a service request, an order number is generated and the nearest driver is notified. Laundries are collected and taken to the launderette and laundered. The customer can check the status on a real time basis. When the clothes are ready for delivery, the driver and the customer will be automatically notified. There is a provision in the app to furnish any special instructions for the laundry. Also, the customer can opt either for a "Knock & deliver" or a "Leave the package out" delivery option.

The Driver module and the launderette (vendor) module are integrated into a single application with an exclusive help desk available around the clock.

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